About Elva


Elva was born in Iceland in 2000. Half Danish and half Icelandic Elva grew up with two languages and two cultures which gave her an ability to see life from different perspectives and a deep  empathy for other human beings. Even though her life was short she got to travel all over the world - including the US, Asia and Africa.

Very early Elva showed an immense talent for playing the piano, mathematics and language and she pursued her love for the arts and sciences her entire life. She was always curious and open to learning new things, meeting new people and becoming a wiser and better person.

Elva lived in Iceland intill 2019 when she moved to Denmark to live and study; first physics at The Niels Bohr Institute at Copenhagen University and later art conservation at the Royal Danish Art Academy. In both places she made deep and meaningful new friendships.

Elva was beloved by family and friends and she is missed every day. She was kind, brave, loving, gracious, elegant and a role model to many. She touched peoples hearts and made lasting impressions - even on people who only got to spend a few hours with her.

We hope that this homepage will do Elva honour in commerating her life, legacy and accomplishments - both as a wonderful human being, an artist, a muse and a cancer warrior. We also hope that Elva's words and way of life will continue to inspire and help others whatever path life is presenting to them - in good and bad times. 

May Elva never be forgotten and her light shine on.


Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have artwork by and of Elva, anecdotes and/or memories of her which you would like to share.